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Rose Marie


Creative Director 

Rose is the visionary and ambition behind House of Design. She always envisioned the family in business together using our individual skills we instilled from our Mom to bring light to others. She is the artist and concept designer behind all of the decor and is always pushing herself and House of Design to the next level. 

As Creative Director she is the lead designer and overseer to all clients and custom designs to insure that your big day is more than you ever imagined.  

Amber Nicole

Event Coordinator/ Social Media Director

Amber is the youngest of the three and loves to plan events. She has a dual degree from Morgan State University in Business Administration and Global Journalism and Communication. She loves everything about family dynamics and loves working closely with her big sisters. 

As Event Coordinator and Social Media Director, she oversees all aspects of event planning and management, including internal and external events (Organizing facilities and details such as decor, catering, entertainment, transportation, location, invitee list, special guests, equipment, promotional material.) She loves working with clients to identify their needs and ensure customer satisfaction.​ Keeping up with trends and understanding the importance of social media has on businesses, she's responsible on the content you see online and on the page.

Naomi Pearl

Design Coordinator

Naomi is the eldest of the three and who we call our "DIY Queen". When Rose asks for a concept or design to be created, Naomi brings her vision to life. She never let challenges get in her way. She loves creating and designing and is the architect of House of Design. Naomi is now the matriarch of the family and keeps the family together and the business functional.

Her role as a Design Coordinator she coordinates and control design submittals for Rose's review and approval, assist designer on special research and technical projects and manage entirely materials and data to help establish and maintain effective communication and information systems within unit. 

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